The Psychotherapy of the Disorders of Self

Welcome to the International Masterson Institute - Australia

The Masterson Approach SM is a form of psychoanalytic psychotherapy which integrates developmental, attachment, and object relations theory with recent findings in neuro-biological brain research. It yields a detailed understanding of the different character- structures, and how these structures have evolved from “Core Sensitivities” which emerge in dysfunctional patterns in early caretaking. The understanding of the character structure, plus attunement to the client’s ‘core sensitivity’ enables the psychotherapist to become highly effective in treating clients who have engrained problems with self-esteem. The Masterson Approach allows for a clear method of doing psychotherapy, one which is applied differently with different kinds of clients. The Masterson Approach also includes both shorter-term and more intensive treatment options, depending on the resources of the client.

In combination with the various benefits for the client the Masterson Approach SM also provides the therapist with clarity about how to locate and understand the specific developmental difficulties of the client; effectively track how these difficulties are evident in the course of the therapy; support the making of developmentally sensitive and sound interventions based on the particular intrapsychic structure of the client, and lastly, gauge whether interventions are leading to progress.